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Aardvark Sunglasses® offers many models from the top designers at prices that are up to 30% off retail! For all of your Bolle, Gargoyles, Guess, Harley-Davidson, Jeep, Killer Loop, Hobie, Serengeti, H2Optix, Ray-Ban and Value Priced Sun Savers sunglass needs, visit Aardvark Sunglasses and save yourself money!


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Oakley Sunglasses from Aardvark sunglasses Co. Maui Jim Sunglasses

Latest Styles and Value Priced Sunglasses --Great deals Telescopes Catalog      
Telescopes  Binoculars
Dirty-8 Sunglasses Guess Sunglasses from Aardvark sunglasses Co. Hobie Polarized Sunglasses From Aardvark Sunglasses and hobie sunglass
Hook On - Clip On Sunglasses
H2Optix Sunglasses Angel Sunglasses from Aardvark sunglasses Co. Gargoyles Sunglasses from Aardvark sunglasses Co.


Find the pair of sunglasses that are perfect for you in our catalog. We have over 500 pairs of sunglasses by the industry's leading manufacturers so you are sure to find a pair perfect for your needs.

H2Optix Killer Loop Lacoste Ray-Ban Serengeti GForce
   Bolle Hobie Guess Sun Savers Gargoyles Ultrasol TYR
Harley-Davidson  Vuarnet Clip-Ons


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